Thomas Camp
Thomas Camp Resource Mosaic
At Resource Mosaic, we use VoiceOne as our full time outsourced receptionist. We are located in Atlanta and our clients have no idea that our calls are being answered in Germantown, TN. In fact, many of our clients comment about the warm southern charm that they are greeted with when they call our offices. We are a boutique staffing firm which serves senior level finance and accounting professionals. Our candidates and clients expect to speak with someone when they call our offices. Voicemail or an automated voice response is not an option in our business. Our partnership with VoiceOne provides for a very high level of service to both our candidates and clients. Lastly, recent economic conditions have had an impact on small business and its ability to staff operations. VoiceOne allows our firm to have a full time receptionist at a fraction of the cost of having someone sitting in the chair — what a great idea. VoiceOne is an integral part of our business that we count on everyday.
Paraic Sweeney
Paraic Sweeney Achill Computer Service
I can’t say enough about the staff at VoiceOne. The service they have provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt and always professional, the experts at VoiceOne take care of it.
David Gordon
David Gordon Attorney
My office has been a client of VoiceOne for approximately 8 years. During that time we have found them to provide outstanding service. They treat my clients like their own and are always seeking ways to better meet my company’s needs. I give them the highest recommendation.
Chris Barber
Chris Barber Custom Benefits, LLC
We deal with a number of diverse clients and number of unique products. VoiceOne is great in taking our clients information 24/7 in a courteous and thorough fashion. This allows us to get feedback from customers day and night. Our clients appreciate a live person to talk to, even if it’s 10pm at night, we can then check those messages instantly or first thing in the morning and expedite those most urgent. VoiceOne is great for all businesses looking to take their customer services to the next level.
Florence J. Butler
Florence J. Butler MoonRaker Graphics
Thank you so much for introducing MoonRaker Graphics to VoiceOne Message Services. When you run a small service oriented business like ours you often find yourself not able to hear or to answer those very important phone calls. Every customer is an incredible asset to our business, so we hated it when a call when to electronic voice mail. Many times customers would simply hang up rather than leave a message on a cold dead machine. Switching to VoiceOne was a no-brainer with the excellent rates you offered. Now when our customers call they get a warm thoughtful human on the other end of the line. Your operators handle our calls like a member of our staff. They always get the message right and the number for follow-up. In the times where a customer indicated there was a need to get in touch with us immediately your operators called until they found us at home, the office, or on our cell phone. When necessary they are able to put the call through to the number they reach us at. On a normal message the operators send us out an immediate text message or an email making follow-up easy. Thanks again for all you do!